Case Study

UI/UX Design for Volumetric Video Web Tools


8i is a volumetric video technology company on a mission to enable people to experience human content and each other in the most realistic way through
holograms. 8i’s proprietary technology transforms video from an array of cameras into a photoreal hologram of a human with real volume and depth, that
can be viewed from any angle, on any device for augmented, virtual or mixed reality. 8i provide developers and creators with tools to integrate these
holograms and enable a broad range of immersive experiences and apps with real people.


Client: 8i

Role: UX/UI Designer

Year: 2020 - Present


  • Create users trust, in the platform's UI;
  • A coding-ready web app, with react components, designed from scratch;
  • Clear UI focused UX design process and team facilitation;
  • A developed brand aesthetic.

Design Process

Project overview & Initial information

At the time the 8i team approached me with a project in mind, the customer had a great idea, a google
slides presentation with rudimentary wireframes and a google doc with some of the features for their product.
My role in this endeavor involved turning this idea and a list of features into a functional and validated design.

Wireframes & User Flows

Based on the documents I was provided with, I turned the list of features and requirements into user flows & wireframes
to validate the logic behind the flow. Having reiterated a few times to address some of the initial design issues, I’ve come to a
deliverable that was ready for early usability testing.

Link to Process Flow

Moodboard development

In terms of the brand aesthetic, the 8i team just had their logo at the time. Having used 8i’s logo as a springboard
in terms of colors and style, we’ve gathered a list of relevant design references to settle on a specific look and feel I
wanted to accomplish.

User Interface Design

Having settled on a visual style that conveys 8i’s brand personality, I moved on to turning the wireframes into the final
user interface. This process involved both designing for a minimal mobile UI and tablet, desktop devices.

Link to Prototype

QA & Analysis

Goal: Find out if the online tools are easy to use and navigate.

Once the product is launched it’s time to measure the results. Are users interacting with the product as
intended and is the product producing the desired result? This is what I seek to find out at this stage.

To find this out, I provide clients with a correction document for developers and a usage analytics report:

* UI Polishing & Correction Document For Developers
* Usage Analytics Reports

Next steps

* Finalize Features;
* List of Communication Points - Marketing (with feedback from the dev team);
* Identify List of Users;

This is an ongoing process as the client prepare for a wider release to new and current clients.